newspaper headlines
                                                       (THERE WERE NONE)

They were gunned down. All 20 of them. Without any chance to "surrender". They wouldn't have. Why would they? 
The police had government orders and government 
                                                                                S   at their disposal and it  happened at night. No cameras. No media. Nobody knew who was who. No flash lights. No moon. One of the major reasons, the night was chosen.

Tiny T
                        CHES        had done the trick.

The Last Chapter
                                                         He knew it was going to happen. It always did and NOBODY ever KNEW. He had been restless whole day and when the moon like the earth turned his face away, he knew. 

He knew and he waited.

The Chapters before the Last Chapters

                   He had gone to the university. The first to do so in the village of 20. They were a small community. Rare. Almost extinct. 
                                Not like the LION who GROWLS and BITES; like the dodo.

Hostel had messes. Hostel had toilets. Hostel had beds in the rooms. Hostel had equality and 

                                                       He had not known food. He knew the railway tracks where his grandfather was run over by a train when he had gone to shit. They never talked of the distant relative who returned home naked one night when she went out. 
  He learnt this was called
                  He had rights. He could fight.  Having realized this, he started red. The next days were a blur.

                             He admired them, till the sky broke; till through the hole, he saw the heaven.


            There was no guiding force and yet there was a fraternity who worshiped, tranced. The high priests were there and there were shrines. Only it wasn't empathy or even sympathy that guided them. His mother, one night, had told him the story of a red jackal who had painted himself blue and told everyone that he was special. Blue had been the real colour all over and he was black. He couldn't do anything about it.
                                                              He returned home and he was scared. He had seen the giant magnificent force that guided the civilizations, which guided the evolution, which guided the universe. He now understood the addiction it offered. 

Power, one of his professors had once said, is more potent than ten tablets of Viagra taken together. He had known and he had waited.

 At home, everything was    S             C                  A                  R                  C            E.

                                                                  He had to slit throats of a lot of his dreams to make himself understand that be it blue or red, black was always un-colored to put the other two on, them being more vibrant.

Chapter 1
 Once upon a time, there was a village where lived happy people. The population was small; so they lived like a happy family. They had beautiful mud huts and a lot of trees around them. They never had to work for others. The forest next to their homes provided them everything. The children kept playing whole day, the women sat and talked. The men had for themselves, various recreational sports like climbing tall trees and making boxes out of bamboo peels. 


Vaishnav Jan to tene kahiye
Jay peerh paraaye janneyray
Par dukkhey upkar karey teeyey, 
man abhiman na anney ray

They must be held as the men of god,
who know the pains of others,
who deliver the oppressed from suffering,
but are never proud.